Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography
Portrait photography is defined as photography of a person or a group of people that displays the expression, personality and mood of the subject. The main focus of the photograph is of the persons FACE. But sometimes the background and the entire body are included. Portrait photography is a great way to share your precious moments throughout your life.

What To Wear For My Portrait Photography Shoot

Generally, you are in complete control of what to wear during your portrait photography shoot. Though it is best to include your photographer when thinking of ideas on what to wear or how to incorporate particular items, themes or memories. Specifically, there is nothing that you CAN’T wear; your Portrait Photography shoot is designed to allow you to be as free and comfortable as possible.

Portrait Photography | Ideas for Families

Family portrait ideas should be based on seasons and your family size. Visiting the local park during the spring and summer is a great way to incorporate scenery into your background. During winter and fall months, studio portrait photography may be your best option. And don’t forget to bring your family pet along; they should be included in your family portrait photography session, which makes it complete.

Portrait Photography | Black And White

Black and white portrait photography is by far one of my favorite types of photography. It gives portraits a classy look and allows photographers to capture your beauty in a special traditional way. Let us find your inner beauty with black and white portrait photography.