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Kaiser Permanente Headshot Event

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I wear for a corporate headshot?

For men, we recommend a medium to dark suit jacket, or if you are not wearing a jacket, you should wear a shirt color other than white, in case you need a headshot against a white background.

For women, we recommend a top with a simple neckline (scoop neck works well) with minimal jewelry. The simpler the better. Solid colors are best for women’s tops. In general, we find that the better fitting and more tailored the suit jacket, the more professional the portrait — and that advice goes for men or women.

*Having your clothes ironed and pressed before the session is very important.

Q: Should I smile or be serious on my headshots? For a professional headshot, we recommend to have big happy smile. Once we pose your body and head, we will ask you to both smile and have more serious look so we capture both looks. It is easy to pick the look you like and need later when reviewing your proof images but hard to get a smile from a serious headshot image after the fact. So we will take both and you will decide.

Q: I have not posed for a headshot before. Any suggestions on how to prepare? Sure we have some suggestions for you. First of all, relax. You are not the first person who has anxiety during the headshot portrait session. You can prepare before the session at home by simply practicing your look and facial expression in front of a mirror. Try different looks and remember how yourself the best. We will recreate this look and tweak it during the session.

Second, try to keep your body in a position that feels most natural to you. If you stand or sit in the posing chair in uncomfortable position, your facial expression would represent this discomfort. Also by looking natural on your images you will make the same impression to the person who has seen your headshot images when the same person meets you in person. If you cast for a role, you don’t want to appear one way on your headshot images and be different in the real life. So be yourself is a good idea.

Q: Where is you studios located?

Our studio is located in downtown Lawrenceville, but during this portrait session we will be coming to you.

Q: What does my session fee pay for?

The session fee pays for photographer’s time during the session and one finished retouched high resolution print file (available for download) for use in print and/or web.

Q: Where will my session take place?

Kaiser Permanente Administrative offices, Bldg 10, 3rd floor, conference room #TBD

Q: How long will this take?

Most sessions run approximately 3- 5 minutes. Typically, we take a few rounds of photographs, reviewing our results on computer monitor as we go, seeing which expressions or poses are working (or not working) and making adjustments until we achieve your best shot. It is a very collaborative interactive process and can be lots of fun.

Q: Is there a choice for background colors?

The standard backgrounds we use are white, black and gray. In our experience, the white background is best for headshots with its clean colorless background adaptable for most web and/or print uses.

Q: What about my hair or make-up?

You should arrive with your hair styled in a way that you are comfortable with it. Some women prefer to go to a stylist before the session; others prefer to style their hair on their own. Make-up should be light and natural looking. A light foundation, blush etc. to even out skin tones is perfect. If you wish us to hire a stylist for your shoot, respond yes on during check out an we will arrange to have someone onsite during the event at a minimal fee.

Q: Do you have any preparation recommendations for women?

We usually recommend women to follow these guidelines:

  • Your skin would look fresh and clean, if you remember to drink plenty of water during the day of your session
  • If you plan to have skin mask on the day of your headshot session, plan to complete this at least 5 hours earlier to allow your skin to recover and look natural
  • Make sure you have plenty of rest the night before the session, to avoid dark circles or bags under your eyes
  • Removing any unwanted facial hair or shaping your eyebrows, should be done at least 2 days before the session to avoid any redness on your skin
  • Bring a hairbrush with you to fix your hair during the session

Q: Do you have any preparation recommendations for men?

  • Your beard grows fast during the day. If you schedule a headshot session late afternoon, the chances are that your facial hair would grow back by the time of the headshot session and would be visible on the final images. For best results, shave at least 2 hours before the session and apply skin lotion.
  • If you wear glasses and have a pair with anti reflective lenses, bring them to the session as regular lenses catch the reflection from the studio lights and the reflections are hard to remove in post processing

For questions, please call 404-482-2826 or email is at