Famous Photographers

What makes a famous Photographer famous is his or her familiarity of images to the world as well as in the world of celebrities. Of course no matter where you go, you will find an abundance of photographers. But do they specifically, have what you are looking for? Ask yourself, what are they famous for? What does their eye capture? Consider why you like this famous photographer and if they can give you what you want.

Top 3 Famous Photographers

Our all time favorite famous photographer is Anne Geddes; Australia native, born September 13, 1956 also known for her clothing design and now residing in New Zealand. Geddes work is typical a depiction of babies in their natural state or dressed as fairies and animals in a black & white setting. Other famous photographers we like are: Annie Leibovitz a fantasy photographer and Mario Testino, who is known for his couture photographs of Princess Diana and Pop artist Madonna.

Modern Age Famous Photographers

Ansel Adams known for his fine art photography, captures the most beautiful images of environmental surrounding. His eye for nature is amazing. In fashion photography, artist Kristian Schuller is able to snap his series of signature shots with models in flowing dresses and unique poses. This last photographer, Ulric Collette, has one of the coolest Genetic Portraits, in which he takes members of a family and splices them together; making for one unique project. We’ve done this type of photography for a few of our clients, which is captured in the featured image above.

Famous Photographers Circa 1950’s

There are many iconic photographers from the 1950’s, but one of our favorites is Elliot Erwitt who gave us a glimpse reality in the truth of racism in America. This famous photographers image shows a black man drinking water from a colored/ white segregated water fountain, which portrayed the sadness of our country during that time.