Engagement Photo Ideas

Engagement Photo Ideas


Before you think of your engagement photo ideas, ask yourself if you want iPhone pics or professional pics. Remember the importance of great ideas for your engagement photo session. When you decide to take photos, keep in mind that these are lasting images during this special time in your life, so carefully consider your engagement photo ideas and a professional photographer before you start.

The Secrets of Engagement Photo Ideas

Many people have diluted notions of what their portraits will look like after taking pictures. But one important aspect that many forget is that you need a professional photographer to accomplish great portraits. Camera, lighting, posing, and a great eye for detail, all will have a say in what your portraits will look like. So, take this into account when selecting your photographer.

Top 3 Engagement Photo Ideas

Our top three engagement photo ideas are: (1) Make a play on the way “He” proposed (2) If you are outdoorsy people, find a local beach or park, bring a sun hat, wear your hair down and let the wind blow in your hair as you gaze into each others eyes in front of the sunset and (3) Documentary style photo, this could also be a play on the engagement, if it is started prior to the engagement or simply a day being captured together, showing your love in many stages.

Engagement Photo Ideas| Location Location Location

So, as we have already mentioned, the beach or a local park is a great location for a session outside. In addition, maybe if you are coffee lovers, sit outside at your favorite cafe…don’t forget to bring a pair of sunglasses. And lastly, one popular idea is a more rustic feel, like in a barn or in a field. The best thing to do, is decide what kind of couple you are and or the theme you may want for your wedding. Many people like to make sure everything flows together when they think of engagement photo ideas.